How to get a fursuit

1. Read my terms of service

2. Know what you want

Have a clear mind on what you want. You can check my styles to see what’s possible. Or check my gallery to see more of my previous work. The more sure you are about your design, the easier it is to order. If you’re not sure which style is going to compliment your suit the best. I’m more than happy to discuss the options and help you decide.

3. Get a quote

Fill out a quote form.

There you’ll also find all the extra’s you can add to your suit. Be sure to add a clear reference sheet. You’re always free to contact me if you need help filling out the form.

If you want to place a “small” order (everything smaller than a head and up). For example, a set of hand/feet paws of a tail. You can just send me a message. Please include a clear reference/illustration of what you want. And as much details as you can tell me. If you want multiple “small” items or if your item requires a lot of details and extras, I strongly advise you to fill out the form.

Not sure which option is best for your order? Send me a message and I’ll help you.

4. Get an estimate

When I’ve received your form or message, I’ll contact you with a general estimate. Note that this isn’t the final price.

5. Discuss details

If you’re okay with the estimated price, we’re going to discuss details. Not only about the suit itself, but also deadlines, materials, payment (plans) and other agreements.

6. Get a final quote

I’ll email you a final quote. This will have all the agreements about the price and other important details. If you agree with this quote, sign it and email it.

7. Pay for your order

Your place in my queue is final when I receive a down payment of 30%. The rest of the amount can be paid as agreed.

8. Creating

Once payments are taking care off, I’ll start making your chosen items. I won’t start until your product is paid in full, unless we’ve agreed different. While working on your project, I’ll send you work in progress pictures and other messages. The quicker you respond, the sooner I can continue with your order.

9. Shipping

Once I’m done with your order, I’ll ship it to you, or you can come by and pick it up.

10. Do a happy dance

When you received your order, put it on and do a happy dance! I love to hear and see what you think of it. I also apricate it is you leave a review (on my website and/or Facebook page), and if you tag me on social media when you post pictures.

If you’ve any questions or need tips/help after you’ve got your suit, don’t hesitate to message me! With your suit, you’ll receive a care guide. In this guide you’ll find tips and tricks to take care of your suit.