About MFC

Hi, I’m Ingeborg, but most of you probably know me as Maying. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in fursuits. And guess what…. I make fursuits! So you’re in the right place. Fursuits are my main business, but I love to create other stuff as well. Like magical items and cosplay stuff.

I operate from the Netherlands, where I live with my husband and my dog.
Besides crafting fantasy items, I work as a caregiver for people with a mental disability. Since my hobby became sort of my job, I don’t have much time left for other hobby’s, but I do kickboxing and I really love to read a good book.

How it all started

I was always a crafty kid. Always busy with all kinds of creative things. In my teens, I made polymer clay jewelry with my sister. Which we sold on flee markets etc. So I guess the creative business owner was always kind of there.

When I got older my interest in fantasy events sparked. A friend of mine invited me to come to a Celtic festival. And never have I felt more at home, then there. That festival, I visited in my “normal” clothes. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the amazing costumes. I wanted that too! So I started customizing and making small cosplay items for myself. Soon I realized that the “pretty” cosplays weren’t for me. Horror and gore costumes were more my thing.

A few years went by with just me crafting things for myself and doing a little bit op SFX make-up. In 2018 I joined a Christmas swap in a fantasy group on Facebook. And I became really good friends with the person that made my present that year.
At the start op 2019 she asked me if I could make a wolf headdress for her. To be honest, I was really reluctant. I never had worked with faux fur before and o didn’t know where to start. The whole process seemed really overwhelming. But after a little bit of debating with myself I decided to be more of a Pippi Longstocking. “I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it”. And I accepted the challenge. I can’t even start to describe how much I had to learn. I watched hours and hours of YouTube videos. That first headdress was made from little fake bunny rugs from a discount store and was completely sewn bij hand, because my sewing machine scared me.
After a few months it was finally done and I shared my work in a few fantasy groups on Facebook. That resulted in 2 more commissions. And I kinda escalated from there. I decided to make ears on a headband to use the faux fur that was left over from the headdresses. Ears became tails, tails became paws. And so on.

After quite a time of doubting and thinking, I decided that is was time to make it official. So on January 1st of 2020
Maying Fantasy Creations was a fact.

The first year was a rollercoaster. I’m mostly self taught. With the help of other makers, a lot of YouTube tutorials and my mom, I was able to learn new techniques to make more amazing creations.
And I still learn something new every day. I love it when customers challenge me to make something new. It really helps me grow.

So that’s how it all began. And the rest is to be continued…..

Thank you all so much for al the support!

Maying Fantasy Creations