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10 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. MFC is a great bussines to work with! The maker has alot of patience and always ask if you agree with the WIPS ( work in progress. She spend alot of time into everythiny she makes. Her suits are HQ aswell. I deff recomend her!
    Her fursuits sprays are also really good and smells so nice! They dont even stain on white fur which is good. Overall one of the best makers i ever worked with!

    1. I bought some custom made eyeblanks on 19/10 and they were sculptured, printed and shipped the same day. She is incredibly fast with orders and they arrived the day after. It took a bit of effort to fit right but when you find a good fitting they sit like a glove. The process was rlly easy to get them made and she was rlly kind and helpful with explaining things. Overall a 10/10

  2. Their work is absolutely amazing and for a good price! Their fursuit sprays smell really good and the 3d printed eyes, teeth, piercings and other stuff is such a good quality!

  3. I have bought a lot of stuff from MFC before and I can say that I’ve loved every bit of them! The ears and tails are really nice with amazing quality fur.
    I have bought the mitten paws in the past and they are definitely one of my favorite pair of paws! The extra big beans make them even better 🥺

    I get updated very frequently and have had good communication with the process of everything! Definitely recommend this maker! Not to mention that the fursuit sprays smell amazing

  4. I ordered from her for the first time, I am impressed! The quality is amazing, my feetpaws are sooo soft and comfy. Also these keep my feet warm. It was nice talking to her about sewing things. Thank you for the feetpaws! 🙂

  5. MFC is by far one of the best fursuit creators I have had the pleasure to work with, she kept me in the loop on my hand and feet paws throughout the process and was good about reminding me to make my payments on time! Will definitely be looking to buy the rest of my suit from her!

  6. I ordered a custom hood and absolutely love it!
    It’s super comfortable to wear! even while wearing a bulky headset, really nice and snug.
    communication with Maying was seemless and i appreciated her availability on many different platforms.
    Overall: it was a great experience and will certainly order from her again!

  7. I had bought 2 fursuit sprays for my fursuit. The sprays smell very nice.
    Wide choice of different sprays with fragrances!

    I had a question before ordering, and I got an answer very quickly.
    I recommend MFC and I’m sure when I run out of fursuit sprays I’ll be looking for new ones at MFC!

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