Prices and styles

Here you can find examples of different styles that I can make and my prices. Please take note that all prices are starting prices. If you want to see all the extra options you can add to your fursuit items, you check my quote form. If you want to have something made, but it isn’t on this page, please send me a message. I’m always looking for fun and new ideas to make and to improve my skills. On the bottom of this page you’ll find a small list

Heads and headdresses









I use patterns from Mugiwara cosplay, Kloofsuits, Kemocube, Curlworks, BardicBestiardy, Matrices, Jillcostumes, Judifur, TheManicMacaw and my own patterns to create my products. I also mix, match and alter patterns, to make them match the image I have in my mind.

Heads and headdresses

  • Toony head €700+
  • Realistic head €1000+
  • Magnetic face head €1350+
  • Skull head €650+
  • Headdress €650+
  • Skull headdress €650+

I can make toony, semi realistic and headdress style heads. My heads are standard made with a foam base and have 3D printed follow me eyes.  You can add extra options to your liking.

Things you can add:
 o   Multiple colors and markings
 o   Moving jaw
 o   3D printed or resin base
 o   Horns
 o   Magnetic eyelids and eyebrows
 o   Hairpieces
 o   And much more. Check my quote form to see all the options. 

Semi realistic
Toony detachable face
Semi-realistic headdress
Semi realistic

Skull headdress

Hoods €150+

Great to wear on cold days, or to combine with a (skull) mask. These hoods are standardly lined.

Things you can add:
o Multiple colors and markings
o Different style ears


  • Nub tail (up to 20 cm) € 35+
  • Small (20-40 cm) €50+
  • Standard (40-60 cm) €60+
  • Curly tail € 80+
  • Large (60-90 cm) €80+
  • XL (90+ cm dragging tails) €135+

My tails are made with belt loops, so you can wear them with a belt or a ribbon. I use fiberfill stuffing for a lightweight, but poofy tail. For tails that stick out of the body I use a foam core and/or a kidney belt.

 Things you can add: 
 o   Any size you want
 o   Multiple colors and markings
 o   Horns and spikes
 o   Tail feathers
 o   Check my quote form to see all the options.  
Nub tail
Curly tail

Hand paws

  • Flat paws €130+
  • Hand hooves soft €15+
  • Mitten paws XL beans €160+
  • Puffy paws €160+
  • Hand hooves cloppers €200+

I offer multiple styles of hand paws. Scroll down to see each paws feature. You can send me a tracing of your hand, so I can make your paws fitted. All paws are lined with tricot or lycra.

 Things you can add: 
 o   Multiple colors and markings 
 o   3D printed claws
 o   Extra length to the wrist  
Flat paws

The most basic hand paws. As the name suggests, these are flat. With separated fingers.
Puffy paws

If you want some extra volume, puffy paws are the paws for you. They have stuffing in the fingers, so they look extra puffy. €140+
Mitten paws with XL beans

The same as regular mitten paws, but with extra big beans.
Soft hand hooves. These are lightweight and super comfy.
Hand hooves cloppers

These are 3D printed hooves the hooves are hollow, so you can fit your fingers inside. If you clap these together, they make a clopping sound.

Feet paws


  • Slim feet paws €200+ Standardly with puffy beans
  • Standard feet paws €230+
  • Toony feet paws € 260+ Available in 3 or 4 toes
  • Digitigrade feetpaws €380+
  • Hooves €180+


  • Slim feet paws €180+
  • Standard feet paws €210+
  • Toony feet paws €235+ Available in 3 or 4 toes
  • Hooves €165+
  • Digitgrade feetpaws €350+

I offer multiple styles of feet paws. And I also offer 4 different styles of soles.  Scroll down to see the features of each option. All my feet paws are made with faux fur and stuffing, so they’re nice and comfy to wear.

 Things you can add: 
 o   Multiple colors and markings 
 o   3D printed claws
 o   Extra length up to the knees 
 o   All patterns are scaleable to bigger or smaller sizes

Different styles feet paws

Standard feet paws

Perfect for a partial. These are not that big and good to start with as your first pair of feet paws.
Toony feet paws

These toony feet paws are a bit bigger then the standard pair. For that extra toony look and feel. Available in3 or 4 toes.

For a horse, deer or any other species with hooves. These soft hooves are made with fleece or Minky and are available with a standard inside sole or outside soles.
Slim feet paws

These paws are slim fitting and perfect for a somewhat more realistic style. But you can combine them with any style you like of course. Available with inside soles as shown or with the outside soles.
Stompy feet paws with 3 toes and knee length

My stompy feet paws are also available in a 3 toes version. Shown pair has te knee length add on.
Digitigrade feet paws
Side to side comparison. From left to right: slim paws, standard paws, stompy paws and stompy paws XL.

Different soles

Standard inside soles

These soles are perfect for inside wear. They do have a foam sole on the inside and a faux fur sole on the outside. Also available as a sock paw. (Stuffing only).
Basic outside sole from EVA.

Great for short walks outside or a convention. I do recommend the extra grip sole for longer walks.
Inside soles with extra big beans

Also perfect for inside wear. With extra big chubby beans. Available with an inside foam sole or in a sock style paw (stuffing only.)
Anti slip soles.

Makes your paws safer to walk on and will slow down the wear and tear.

Armsleeves €90+

Want to wear you (mini) partial with a t-shirt, but don’t want to show your skin? Order a set of arm sleeves!

Things you can add:
 o   Multiple colors and markings 
 o   Lining 


  • Planti grade legs €500+
  • Digitigrade legs €850+
  • Plantigrade bodysuit €1000+
  • Digitigrade bodysuit €1500+

If you’re looking to make your suit complete. A bodysuit is the way to go! I make plantigrade and digitigrade bodysuits and legs.

 Things you can add:
 o   Multiple colors and markings 
 o   Dropped crotch
 o   Much more options


  • Chibi (- 50 cm wingspan) € 60+
  • Big (70+ cm wingspan) €125+

  • Standard (50-70 cm wingspan) €80+

Available without straps, to sew directly on to your suit. Or add elastic bands and wear them with your (mini) partial.

 Things you can add:
 o   Multiple colors and markings 
 o   Elastic bands
 o   Feathers 

Ears €30+

My ears can be made in any size you want. Available on a headband, clips or a beanie.

 Things you can add:
 o   Multiple colors and markings 
 o   Headband
 o   Clips 
 o   Jewelry 
Fox ears
Gnar ears
Ears on a baby bonnet
Ahri ears

Things I don’t make

- NSFW/18+ suits
- Duplicates/copies of someone else's suit
- I wont use low quality materials to provide a cheaper price
- I have the right to decline a design if I find it not suiting for my style