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Before you fill out this form, please read the following points.

Please only fill out this form if you’re truly interested in a quote. I understand it’s a long list to fill out. But I need all this information to make you a personal and specific quote. And this way we both have a nice overview to refer to when I’m making your commission. Serious quotes can take up multiple hours or even days to make. Because I must do research and search for materials. Therefore, I’m asking you to take your time to fill out this form with care.

  • Read my terms of service before you fill out this form.
  • Check my Trello to see mu current queue.
  • Send a clear reference sheet of your fursona.  If you don’t have any yet, I can refer you to some great artists.
  • You must be 18 years or older to place an order or have written permission from a parent/legal guardian.
  • All prices shown are estimates and only show the starting price for that product/option. Due to complexity, size, etc. your quote can be higher. All starting prices are based on single color products.

• I use € as a valuta. If you want to know what the prices are in your valuta. I’m advising you to use this converter. https://valuta.exchange/
• I’m using the metric system (cm), if you’re working with another system, please use this converter. https://www.inches-to-cm.com/cm-to-inches.php

  1. Read all the questions carefully, If you don’t understand something you can always ask me.
  2. Click the boxes in front of the products and extra options that you want to add. Important: You need to select all the products individually. So, if you want a mini partial, you need to select a head, tail and feetpaws.
  3. After that answer all the other questions with care.
  4. If you have an idea/want something that isn’t on my list, please tell me. I’m always willing to try new things.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT. Is you press SUBMIT and nothing is happening. Scroll back trough the form. You probably have missed one of the required fields. If you press SUBMIT, it should go to the next step where you have to enter your name, email and phone number.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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