Canine nose 1 MFC

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This nose will be a great add on to your fursuit!



  • If you find the nose to flat at the back, you can carefully heat it with a heat gun or a fohn. Do not overheat it! The materials can melt or deform. Once warm, you can press/shape the back so its fits better.
  • Carve the back of the nose little, so the glue will stick better.
  • Glue the nose in place. I recommend gorilla glue sticks.
  • I advise te glue the nose on a piece of fabric like fleece.


Available in 50-100mm wide. Measure how wide your nose need to be and pick the right size. If you want a different size, just contact me and I’ll print one custom for you.

Quality and finishes

These nose are 3D printed, so printing lines will be visible. I offer 2 qualities. Normal and fine. Check the photos to see the difference between the qualities. You can fix the lines by putting a layer of epoxy/resin on them. They will be smooth and glossy after that.

I also offer 2 different finishes. Normal and fuzzy. The fuzzy one looks a bit more like the texture of a animal nose and will hide some of the printing lines a bit.


This product is made to order and can take up to 2 weeks to make.

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