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This is base is perfect if you want to make a super cute fursuit. I designed it to fit multiple species. So you can make a puppy, kitten, bunny or any other species you want

This is a base ONLY. Fursuit head pictured is an example of a finished  product.

Perfect for making your own fursuit head. Available in in uncarved and carved.

Uncarved: Get the base as it comes out of the mold. You have to carve it yourself.

Carved: The base is already carved. I cut out the eyes and mouth and hollow it out.


Matching eyes, ears teeth etc. available. Check other categories to order separately or the bundle section to receive a discount!

Sizing: All my bases have about 25 cm height. Bur because of the open back and flexibility of the foam, they are useable for almost any sizes.

How to use: After carving the base out you can add the base to a balaclava, add a foam back to make it a bucket head of add elastic to make it into a wearable mask/head. After that its ready to create your own fursona/character. Add eyes, teeth, nose etc to your liking.


Feel free to use the added picture to design your own head.


Shipping: This item will be made to order. Turn around time can take up to 2 weeks excluding shipping time. If you wish to order but are not living in the Netherlands or Belgium, please contact me.

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