Magnetic MFC Eyes with magnets

 45,00 65,00 Incl btw


ATTENTION: This option comes with magnets. If you wish to buy the blanks without magnets, you’ll have to purchase the option without magnets.

These eyes will match perfectly with all my bases (except the manokit).

The eyeblanks fit 4x3mm magnets. The eyeblanks fit 4x2mm magnets.

Eye options:

  • Magnetic eyeblanks + 1 set of eyelids €45,00
  • Magnetic eyeblanks + 1 set of eyelids + blank mesh €49,00
  • Magnetic eyeblanks + 1 set of eyelids + printed waterproof mesh €57,50
  • Magentic eyes + 1 set of eyelids ready to install €65

If you want to buy eyeblanks only or eyeblanks and blank mesh, please select ”None”  at the ”Eyemesh color” option.

Each set comes with 2 eyes. Eyes are 85mm wide. If you wish a different size or shape, please contact me instead.

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